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About Us: The Longwood at Home Difference.

Should you buy long-term care insurance? Read this first.

To appreciate the benefits of Longwood at Home, it helps to understand the limitations of long-term care insurance. You should know the gaps before you’ve paid too much.

Click here to see the differences between Long-Term Care Insurance and Longwood at Home.

Longwood at Home lets you plan now for any help you may need tomorrow: nursing care, home health aides and companions, live-in services, emergency response services and so much more—far beyond what long-term care insurance covers, with far less bureaucracy and hassle. Read about Longwood at Home’s living options.

Just as important: You’re making a comparatively small investment today for your future care—at a fraction of the future cost of long-term care. You avoid the skyrocketing cost of pay-as-you-go rates. You can depend on a fixed monthly payment, regardless of the type of care you need or how long you need it.

Please note: You must be healthy to qualify for Longwood at Home. In need of health services right now? Click here to see what living at Longwood at Oakmont can provide.

Longwood at Home is a service of Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, a trusted provider of senior health care and living options since 1916, serving people of all beliefs.

Should you buy long-term care insurance? Before you do, contact our headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by calling toll-free at 1-877-526-3001 or fill out this simple online form and we'll contact you.

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